Soooo Tired

Hi ,

I have been on holiday from work for a whole week and have been tired every day … I have done nothing my daughter has been doing housework . Woke up this morning after 11hrs sleep apart from getting upto toilet once and when i woke my whole body felt soo heavy i got up made myself a cup of tea and just feel washed out …

Never mind back to work tonight.

Moan over hope you all have a great day as sun is shinning x

Mandy x

Hi Mandy, oooh that sort of fatigue is a killer.

I’m guessing you didn’t go away? (that can be a real killer!)… but maybe your body was taking advantage of NOT having to work to give you a complete rest.

Hope when you get to work you’ll feel revived.

Pat x

I feel your pain completely! This is my last day of 11 days off work and I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow due to the fact I’ve done nothing but rest yet every day I feel super fatigued. Hope you feel better soon :slight_smile: xxx <3

Hi I think when we have chores to do, we can go into some sort of automatic pilot…we dont always notice just how tired we until we stop!

This could be happening to you when working…but now your body has had time to rest, it has realised it does actually need it.

So back to work and see how it goes. If you cant get enough energy to do what you have to, go see your gp about it.

luv Pollx

Hi everyone and thank you for all the support. I went back to work last night and am exhausted today i am just up now after getting home at 8am.

Big blow was last night i got to work to find out we have been put into consultation for 45 days. Big decision is do i take redundacy or another work.another job is less money as dont get a shift allowance…

Anyway i am up less tired but will go back to bed tonight before work…

Mandy x.

Hi Grimmi

I did mean to say hope your day at work has been okay and hope you feel better … Mind you what does better sound like its dreadfull cos no one can see how we feel and im sure they think we put it on … Let me know how work was :slight_smile:

Mandy xx