It’s Friday

Hi everyone

I went to the gym this morning, and after my drinking relapse on Wednesday I made sure I did it all. 30 mins cardio and 3 different types of weights (for toning purposes). Just as I thought I sweated a ton, getting rid of all those toxins from that poison I drank

When I got home, after I’d eaten and showered…I went on a clothes washing mission…then I cleaned the kitchen

I feel proud of myself for having a productive day

The cleaning of the kitchen is in preparation for the delicious rice and lentil mix I’m going to make tomorrow (chopped red onion, cucumber, butter beans/chickpeas also added)

It’s really tasty and it’s also really good for you. My Momma gave me the recipe for which I’m very grateful for

I feel resolute that I won’t relapse again with the alcohol. The other night was an awful snapshot of how it used to be, I’m so glad I changed my ways regarding that

On another subject, my long time (20+ yrs) best friend has been staying with me since the end of April. I haven’t charged him a penny. I’m helping him out cos his living/money situation was ridiculous before. He works full time up town in a restaurant, so he’s usually out most of the day/evening

For the last couple of days he’s been blanking me…in my own home

He’s the kind to not say what he feels until it gets to breaking point

This irritates me immensely

The cheek! I’m letting him live rent free in my 1 bedroom, adapted flat (he sleeps on the sofa in the front room) and he can’t even tell me what his issue is

I’ve left him a note - “can we please have an adult conversation about your apparent issues with me?”

That is not all I wanted to say on the note, believe me. But I’ll keep that until we’re talking face to face

Anyway, it’s Friday (woo), and so this means it’s only just over a week until week in/week out football is back in my life. I like to follow my favourite team on a Saturday (Charlton Athletic), but only online/tv….my days of travelling home and away are long gone

I feel hopeful that I’ll get a good result from that note I’ve left my friend

Have a good weekend all

Hello again,
I’m a Gooner and a Sarrie who used to follow home and away, although I’ve had to pass on my STs for now.
MS you may have won this battle but, not the war!
Nice weekend,