Is there support for diagnosed patients, finiaciallying?

I’m about to go it alone. I have to break away from a 7 year toxic relationship.I have no support, I have two small children and various ailments, mainly RRMS. I don’t know where to ask, but I’m wondering if I may be able to get help with stings while I move into an unfurnished property with no beds etc.I’m not normally this type of person, but I’m so scared to make the jump and when I do, I will have nothing but my children and their clothes etc. Sometimes it’s good to ask, someone might now of a support network etc. I moved away feom my home town to be with my partner. I moved 100 miles away. Now im alone, stuck in a relationship that is affecting our children. I have to leave. I currently dont work, but have been looking for 5 years. I receive child tax credits a d because i can walk most of thr time, i dont have any claims for dla etc. Thankeep you for any advice

Hi, As you have RRMS and t is confirmed by a doctor you could apply for disability payments. If not ask your social services or even your MS nurse. Best wishes




I’d get in touch with your local Citizens Advice Bureau, as they’ll be able to give you lots of advice. Do a google search for any local benefits advice services. There may be other local things that support people like yourself in various ways. One example is Besom, who have places around the country -



Hi, in order to be eligible to receive PIP, it isnt your diagnosis that gets you the award, but the way it affects you…ie needing help or equipment to wash, shower, toilet, dress, get up, go to bed…then there are other activities which build up points. Have a look at the self assessment on line. Just type in PIP self test.

It`s just a way of seeing how you do things…it isnt seen by anyone but you.

There are other charities which can help vulnerable people…CAB will tell you about them.

There are food banks too…there for anyone who needs them.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Why should you stay in an unhappy relationship?

Good luck.


I am due to see the team again in a few months, I’ll have to ask then. Thank you

I have the diagnosis, 5 years this year.I will enquire about social services. I grew up in foster care, I no longer have any links because I’m 30. I’ll have a look thank you.

I currently volunteer at the advice centre. I am definitely too embarrassed and worried to ask there. In case someone knows me through my partner. I will see if there’s a telephone service. I simply want to land on my feet, the jump is so big and I’m so scared that I won’t have the right facilities to look after me and my children. I will look at local things. I’ll check out besom. Thank you

I had a look. I scored 12. I wasn’t sure whether the score was unsuccessful or not. I’ll ask my ms nurse when I next see her. She is good with stuff like that. I stayed in the relationship because we have children ad he is drug dependant. It’s never around the children, but he needed me and I needed to maintain normality and stability for everyone and now I’m burnt out and on the verge of a breakdown. I’ll keep looking at the pip assessment stuff. Thank you

Why are you too embarrassed or worried to ask there? I don’t think you have anything to be embarrassed about. They’ll be understanding & supportive. The fact you volunteer there may mean they go out of their way to help you… Is there an advisor there who you trust or get on well with? I’m sure they’d keep things private and confidential.


Good luck chuck


Theres also a project called Foodshare. This is FREE food, run by volunteers, picked up from supermarkets who are gonna bin it. Its perfectly ok. Mostly fruit veg and bread and the like. No need to be on benefit.

No matter what you get with PIP, you should also be able to apply for Universal credit or JSA or ESA. You do need advice and as others have said ask where you work. It will be confidential and theres no need to be embaressed.