I need support looking after my young children

I was told by my neurologist that being home alone with my two young children wasn’t a great idea, especially as I live in a remote village and don’t drive, and that I should find some help. This really panicked and frustrated me because we are stretched to or limit financially as we are saving to get married, and I have nobody to help me.

My partner works long hours and doesn’t get home until around 7pm, after being gone since before I woke up. I’m really struggling with my symptoms and even more so with anxiety and depression. I desperately need help but I don’t know where to find it. I wondered if there might be some financial support that might help me somehow?

i run my own business from home, which is really struggling at the moment due to my health, so I just don’t know how I can afford a nanny/mothers help. It seems so complicated to find financial support when you’re self employed!

Hi Ruby,

Maybe try calling your local college and speaking to whoever runs nursery nursing courses. Ask if you can help them by offering to give Nanny placements. Wouldn’t cost you anything and would help them only an idea.

Snowqueen x