What a joke. With MS/Lyme one day you can walk one day you can’t. Have any of you been to an assessment if I do get a diagnoses I will ask a lady we know to care for me esp in winter months when i feel worse but i will need help to pay her im not going to blag my case i will just tell them my symptoms go up anand down whats the assessment like?

Hi You may be better off posting this question on the Everyday Living board, as many more people have been through the assessment process over there. I can help I’m afraid as I’ve never applied or been eligible to apply for any benefits. HTH

Sorry, should say can’t help!

Hi, do you mean an assessment for care? I use Direct Payments to pay for 3 carers. It works well, but can seem like a nightmare when you first read the bumf. A social worker came to ask how I was coping and what help I needed.

Then I was means tested to see if I was able to afford to contribute to the cost. I wasn`t.