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I have RRMS Sice 2004 I was on high mobility and high care indefinitely then pip came along I was awarded it for two years six months in and they asked me to reapply I did but was refused I never fought for it because I was so ill and couldn’t face the question,now two years later my right side of body is useless my walking is really bad in pain with knee,swollen ankle ,hip I feel so worthless is there anything esle I can claim other than pip still not up for fighting for it but life asking my husband for money is so upsetting for me I can’t I’d have more sick days so I’m struck doing my own head how to move forward x

Hi Stella, I’m sorry you’re feeling so down it’s bad enough having MS without connected money worries.
You should apply again for PIP, my advise would be to make an appointment with Citizens advice and have them fill the forms in for you. It still isn’t a nice experience having to explain to a stranger (usually someone who looks like they should be in school!) your symptoms and how it effects your daily life but they know how to fill the forms in and how to word it.
Good luck
Jan x
Sorry I’ve just remembered that might not be so easy due to Covid restrictions! Still ring them I’m sure they will be able to help.

Thankyou jan,aww I was really down yesterday think me falling has just made me realise that like my hand and arm this walking like a drunk may be me from now on it’s hard accepting that the things are enjoyed are now becoming harder but I will get there,as for money can’t understand how I’ve gone from indefinitely to nothing but I’m still not ready to fight for it I think the letter I got bk from pip when refused made me feel like I didn’t deserve it I will I’m sure reclaim it one day but I’ve a lot going on in my head at the moment xxx

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ok the reason why a lot of people are failing PIP is because it isnt DLA. PIP is all about how the disease impacts your life doesnt matter what disease it is. Independance is the word. How independant are you on aids, other people helping you etc etc.

when did you have an OT assessment last, have you had social adult social services to see you and do an assessment on you. I dont know how bad you are but if you were getting full mobility and standard care you must have several needs.

You should have a file of all your information, all your doctors notes, your appointments etc. It isnt a fight. Its filling in the forms to your advantage.

I would suggest you join benefits & work they are brilliant. also take the PIP test, this will give you an insight into what they are looking for in your application.

I just helped someone fill in her form she has RRMS and got it enhanced mobility and standard rate.

You do deserve it if it helps you get about and gives you extra to make it easier to live your life. filling in the form is not a punishment really. Its YOUR RIGHT.

the only other help you could go for is like i said ring your local adult social care team and ask for an assessment. you obviously need help. if you dont have a mass of savings they can help you with Direct Payments.

Have you checked to see if your husband can claim carers allowance for you. I would ring the MS Society and ask them for advise that is what they are here for ok. BUT dont give up just make sure the form is filled in to explain how your illness is affecting your life ok. xxx

Are you still working? you say about your husband if your married he should be supporting you if your sick.

anyway you need help, benefit & works, MS Society and try ACAS as they advise on work matters for example is your employer making sure they are supporting you with your MS. xx

Thankyou very much for replying,I’m going to look at link u included ,my husband does support me,it’s me I like to have money as before kids,cancer,ms I worked full time ,then I had dla so I felt like I could help with bills etc,my heads not in the right place at moment just trying to accept how ms is changing me but il be on it like a rash soon as my happy self gets a grip just had a knock to my confidence that’s all xxx

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YOU WILL be ok hun. you have got this far. big hugs. xxx

Thankyou so much,and I enjoyed the hugs xxx