Is it possible I have MS?

Hi. I haven’t been tested for MS. I was diagnosed a few years ago with M.E. It has a lot of similar symptoms as MS and I have read that some people with MS were originally wrongly diagnosed with M.E. I had a CT scan a few years ago which showed what they originally thought was a slow growing none cancerous cyst but they decided it was a calcium build up which is harmless and would not cause my symptoms. Does MS show up on a CT scan or do you have to have an MRI? My symptoms include headaches, fatigue, brain fog, poor memory and concentration, aching and for the past few months I have had a sore throat which feels closed up/swollen, like there is something stuck in my thoat which makes me feel a little sick. It started with headaches every day. Of course I know it may not be MS but I was wondering about the CT scan and whether I would need an MRI to check. Do you guys think it would be worth asking my doctor about it and requesting an MRI? Thank you for your time and opinions :slight_smile:

Does not sound like MS, you have not mentioned any numbness or tingling

Ask the Doctor(s) about it - that’s what they are there for. That said - From experience with my eldest brother who had MS (he died a couple of years ago from complications) and myself (presently in limboland) - the usual scans for MS are MRI rather that CT Scan which in my experience is usually used to identify tumours and the like.