Possible MS

Hi there,

Just joined this site as I have been having various symptoms for over 3 months now and Doctor has now referred me to see a neurologist for further investigation. Had CT scan of head which has come back clear and various blood tests which have come back clear. Doctor has thought in the back of their head that it could be MS as some symptoms point towards that. But they said that CT scan was clear but thats not to say it isn’t.

Symptoms that I have been having are numbness and tingling, muscle spams, blurring of vision, fatigue, vertigo and dizziness, flashing of lights, double vision, muscle tightness throughout body, twitching of eyes, headaches, pain in neck, down my spine, into my ribs and chest and constant lower back pain. Also difficulties with co-ordination, loss of vision for a split second, balance problems which i’ve tested positive for, problems with remembering, thinking and doing. Slight breathlessness at times, slurring and stuttering of words, keep dropping things, feet have been dragging along floor which started last week, feeling the urge to pee but when I do not much happens and other times fine. But when I have to go, I have to go! Right leg wouldn’t stop shaking for 15 minds, space out a lot. So as you can see I have a lot of symptoms :-/

I’ve only just turned 30 and there is a lot of concern, my hairdresser to my taxi driver have noticed I haven’t been right. And my 10 year old is unsettled because hes seeing that i’m not well.

Hi Doodledoo,

MS does cause headaches but they can be more prominent and continuous with http://www.hughes-syndrome.org/ otherwise the symptoms mimic MS.


Hello Doodledoo, I experienced many of the symptoms you describe prior to seeing a neurologist, he did various tests at my first appt but said I would require an mri as well. At that time I had a fear of even the thought of being enclosed in an mri scanner following a bad experience many years before and so I asked for a ct. My neurologist explained that ms cannot usually be picked up by ct and required mri however he did agree and I did have a ct which showed nothing, I then had an mri which was I have to admit fine as the scanners have changed so much, however this was inconclusive as lesions that would have allowed better diagnosis had closed, however my neurologist confided that it was in his opinion I probably had ms And so after a multitude of further tests I still did not receive a diagnosis, despite 18 months of being unwell, having several episodes that on reflection were pro relapses. It wasnt until I relapsed with symptoms of a different presentation I was given a diagnosis of rrms. It had taken all that time because for me personally my relapses had all been same in presentation until the ‘big one’ and I know there are others on forum who’s wait has been longer and others who continue to wait in ‘limbo land’ Its a horrid time waiting, worrying, feeling unwell, frustrated. However good news that your doc is referring you to a neurologist hopefully you will finally be able to attain answers. My good wishes Joysee

Many thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

I think what is frustrating is some of my friends are not fully understanding that i’m really not well and I think they think that its nothing! I have been upset about it because I would rather not be going through this at all and I need the support from my loved ones friends included!

I hope you guys are doing ok and i’m glad I found this site :wink: