Normal chest xray is this part of diagnosis?

Hello all Just joined here today, I’m in the process of diagnosis as doctor suspects MS. At my neurology appointment the doctor said he was going to arrange a ct scan for my head and my spine. But I just got a letter today for a chest xray at my local infirmary. Just a 15 minute process according to leaflet with letter. I’m a bit confused as there was no mention of this, is this a normal part of diagnosing? I wouldn’t have thought a normal xray would show what they need to see? But obviously I’m no doctor lol Did anyone else have a normal chest xray as part of diagnosis? Thanks Suzie

Hello Suzie

No, I can’t see that a chest x-ray has any part to play in neurological testing. I’m surprised by the CT scan too. Unless there’s a reason why you can’t have an MRI (metal in your body etc). The CT scan certainly won’t show as much as an MRI would. And I’m not convinced you can use it as part of a diagnosis of MS. If you can’t have an MRI, I’d have thought a lumbar puncture would have been ordered as that does form part of the evidence collection for an MS diagnosis.

So, it all seems a bit odd to me.


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No idea really. However, prior to my diagnosis three years ago, when i was in the hospital having been admitted via a &e being partially paralysed, a range of tests were run. These included CT scan of head and neck as well as chest x-ray. These are probably used to rule out certain things rather than actually diagnose something.

Incidentally, when i was admitted again in June with suspected relapse (it wasn’t) a chest x-ray showed up a chest infection. I was A symptomatic of that and a urine infection.

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Hi Sue, My apologies, it wasn’t a ct scan it was an mri scan got the two mixed up!

Hi Susiee

Have you had any results yet?


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I recently had a chest x ray as part of the diagnosis process that I’m going through. Doc said it’s to rule out MS mimics.

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Cant say for certain but i was previously sent for a chest xray prior to being referred to the neurologist. This was because i have numbness in my arm and apparently an extra cervical rib can cause this (something to do with it pressing on nerves) and some of the other issues i am suffering from (i havent received a diagnosis yet as im still waiting on my mri). Perhaps they are trying to rule something like this out? I think theres probably a lot of conditions with similar symptoms to MS so a range of tests is best to rule everything out.

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I got a letter saying my bloods have brought back abnormally high antiRo antibodys. The Mri scan has shown small areas of inflammation on my head and spinal cord which he thinks will be what caused my symptoms. Just waiting on a call back from the doctor over next few days to discuss the results further prior to my next appointment. Is abnormally high antiRo in blood a usual sign for MS?

Hello Suziee

Anti-Ro antibodies aren’t associated with MS. But they are associated with Lupus and Sjögrens Syndrome. Both these (as well as MS) are autoimmune disorders. This means where the cells of your immune system mistakenly sees normal cells as being foreign invaders and cause damage. The specific autoimmune disease you might have sees the cells from your immune system attack different parts of your body.

Testing for these other disorders may be the reason why you had a chest X-ray.

This doesn’t mean that you have either of these autoimmune conditions. Until you are told by a medical professional that you are diagnosed with a specific disease, don’t assume that you have it.

I hope this is helpful to you and doesn’t add to your existing worry. Hopefully the doctor will call you very soon to discuss the results and what is to happen next.