spinal xray

Hi, I posted previous as awaiting appointment with neuro. I got an appointment letter today for spinal xray next week. I am unsure why and can’t speak to dr to ask. Anyone else had spinal xray before neuro app?

Hi Alex23
I had a spinal x-ray to ensure there was no physical constriction of the spinal cord - ie. slipped/damaged discs, bone growth restricting nerves, that sort of thing.

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I’ve never had a full spinal X Ray.
I have had a brain and c spine (neck) XRay which found a large lesion in my neck and multiple lesions in my brain.
I saw my Neuro recently and told him I’ve developed a new problem with an uncontrollable tremor/twich in my shoulder and right arm.
He’s ordered a brain , neck and thoracic MRI scans.

Hi Alex , the same happened to me before I got diagnosed

Do you have any lesions on your brain by any chance? If so they would want to do a spine X-ray to look for any lesions, if you have lesions on your brain and spine then you’re looking at MS.

May I add you can still have MS and not have lesions on your spine.

Did the lesion show on the initial xray? i thought they only showed on MRI.

I havent even had intial neuro appointment so no MRI. MRI of spine last year to check for athritis but that was clear.