why chest x ray?

My neuro has ordered a chest x ray for me. It has not n discussed with me beforehand and I have no idea why she has requested it…can anyone tell me why I would need a chest x ray in relation to my MS???

Mel xx

ask ur neuro. i’m sure ur entitled to know why as u are the patient.

Hi Mel,

Do you have a confirmed diagnosis? I had a chest X-ray during diagnosis, to rule out some rarer conditions that can mimic MS.

If your diagnosis is beyond doubt, then I can only assume it’s to check whether you have any fluid/congestion on the lung, which is a possible complication of MS.

Purple-haze is right, though. You are the patient, so if unsure, why not just ask? It’s possible it could even be a mistake - someone else here was sent an appointment letter about a drug that has nothing to do with MS - clearly meant for another patient.

Although X-rays are not harmful within safe limits, you still don’t want more than necessary, so probably best to check why you need it before, not after.