Hi I have had my neuro app and he said it could be a few things but was not happy to discuss any until had tests !!! He also said I have bppv ??? Today I got my MRI app for the end of the month it says head MRI and cervical MRI is this ms routine tests ?? Are should I be prepared for something much worse ? I hate limbo land :confused:

My form that I had to hand in to request an MRI said head and full spine. I think it’s pretty standard…and that was from a neuro who categorically said “It’s not going to show anything up!” Limbo land sucks! xx

:confused: if I could wish it all away I would !

Hi Little Ginger,

Nothing sinister to be read into the type of scans you are having. It’s good he’s ordered both head and spine, as initial scans are sometimes of brain only, which means they would miss any problems in the spine.

They are fairly standard for MS, but would also be able to detect if you had something like a slipped disk, that was pressing on your spinal cord, or a narrowing of the canal it passes through. Any mechanical pressure on the spinal cord, due to some kind of skeletal abnormality, could produce symptoms similar to MS, so they will be able to see if anything’s pressing on it. As long as it’s fairly high up (neck area), that is.

I was lucky (if you can call it that!) to have my complete spine scanned, because my initial symptoms were indicative of a much lower injury. I was at first assumed to have a slipped disk, but scans showed I had at least one lesion at thoracic (chest) level.

Usually, if MS had been suspected first, they might not have bothered to scan that far down (thoracic lesions are much rarer than brain or cervical lesions, so they often don’t bother looking).



Thank you for your reply Tina x x fingers crossed I get some answers I’m more worried now than before I saw neuro as he said he would discuss and when I asked if it was some thing that could be cured he said maybe could be managed but to wait for results :confused: