MRI Help Please

So I had my neuro app yesterday. He did listen to me but I’m not sure he took in the full picture about my symptoms. I showed him a video of my facial spasm and he said it definitely wasn’t Bells palsy or a hemifacial spasm. He did say that my varied symptoms seem to be multi focal and said there is a possibility of MS however he said my neurological exam was fine…(I’m pretty sure I had a positive babinski sign but he never mentioned it??) Also, this time I had been ill for 7 weeks but all better again when I attended for my appointment. He has referred me for an MRI of my brain, looks like it will be a 3T machine. He said he’s sure it will be clear though. He hasnt ordered an MRI with contrast or any neck or spine MRI. I’m a little confused to be honest, I don’t know if he has ordered enough tests to fully check for MS? Anyones opinion would be gratefully recieved. This is all private too. He did keep my sheet of symptoms though, maybe he’ll have a read later! Thanks, Ria

Sorry, posting from a phone so it squishes all the paragraphs together!

Not to worry, think Rizzo’s excellent sticky answered most questions I had.

Going to have a look at that myself x