Do I need a spine MRI as well?

Hey all- new guy here! I will be honest- I have recently become a bit of a bit of a hypochondriac but I’m pretty scared and confused so am looking for some advice.

It all kicked off about 3 months back when after a 6 week headache, I be came convinced I had a brain tumour. To be fair to him, my Doc sent me for a brain MRI despite repeatedly telling me I was fine. (he was convinced I needed the piece of mind). The MRI came back clean and surprise surprise, the head ache went.

During this time I started to feel a weird sensation under my foot, followed by pins and needles on and off in my foot and muscle twitches. Now slight pain in my finger tips. I foolishly went back to google and made myself extremely paranoid about MS.

I went back to see him where he ran the babinski test along with a few other neurological tests all of which I passed. He also stated that if I had MS lesions would have shown up on my brain scan. He thinks my pains are a result of psychosomatic issues rather then anything sinister and basically gave me anxiety meds and recommended CBT, which I have started attending.

I’m a little worried that my doc isn’t taking me serious based off the previous ‘tumour’ issue.I’ve had these weird pains for weeks now and they seem to be getting worse.

My question is how common is it for lesions to appear on the spine only? This hasn’t been checked so I’m worried about it.

I’m wondering should I push to have that checked out as well, or do I stay the course, take the meds and exercise the weird feelings away, as is being recommend to me by my therapist?

Apologies if this makes me sounds a little crazy, but it feels like every MS story I have read start with a doctor not believing someone at the start. But I guess people don’t share the stories where their doctors where totally right and they were fine.


You’ve had a clear MRI so that’s really good news, ask your GP if you need a spine MRI as well…but I suspect he thinks that would also be clear.

If you’re still worried maybe ask to referred to a Neuro

Try to keep away from Google, practically anything you put in will come back as MS!


Thanks for the reply, he seemed pretty convinced it wasn’t Ms, I guess I’m trying to get a sense of how common spine only lesions are. Looking for reaosns to worry, as always!!

Hiya PMC,

Yes, you are experiencing probably the worst part of any Neurological complaint. You know something is wrong with your body but no so called learned person can or will give you an answer; that’s why we call this period ‘limbo.’

What was revealing was your constant headache at first. MS does cause headaches; but they are rifer; constant with a complaint that mimics MS; sticky-blood; Hughes Syndrome or APS; see


I know this sounds a little frightening but it can be controlled using a simple drug like Aspirin. Rosina is right; you must be referred to a Neurologist for further MRIs; to include spine. Always buy a copy of your MRI; ABOUT £10.


Thanks for the response ggood. I will have to keep an eye on me symptoms and see how they go. I had a full set of bloods done 6 months back and everything came back fine, so really not sure what to do at this stage.