Tests n MRI

Hi all, new here.hope ur all ok. I had a virus a few yrs ago, n started havin blood tests, which have now shown for 3 yrs that i have some kind of virus/infection, had lots of bloods tests etc. but they dont no where it is, then i started gettin dizzy n have bad migraines, so im under a neuro-otologist for this n take medication, last yr i then had a bad car crash n hurt my back, n am on lots of pain meds, n this yr i got referred to a neurologist re bloods, so again had more bloods n he was asking lots of question re achs, pains, fatigue etc, but back then i didnt have many symptoms, well jus wat i thought was pain crash pains n dizzy stuff, N then he said he wanted to do a MRI to check something in my spine. I didnt ask wat for. Since then i have got really ill, with more achs all over, spasms, pain, twitchin, fatigue, blurry eyes, already had IBS, but have constipation now which i never did b4. N lots of other stuff. My MRI was booked for Sept, but i got clausterphobic so cudnt go through with it, well my follow up apt with neurologist isnt until Feb. Anyways a friend suggested i might have ME, as i seem to of fitted all the sysptoms, and seemed to match wat doc was askin me, n now someone suggested MS, which also fits with the MRI side of things. Now im jus confused, have gone back to docs, n my doc has written to neurologist to get me in sooner, stil waitin to hear about that. My question is, does it sound more like MS, n does anyone know the main difference between MS n ME. Im also thinkin i will have to have the MRI to find out. Just wanted to share my confusin life lol V xx

ooh sorry its not a neurologist i see its a rheumatologist X

Hello, and welcome to the site

I’m afraid I don’t know a lot about ME - others should be able to help you out with that bit of your post though.

A lot of your symptoms are consistent with MS, but I guess it won’t be possible to separate out what’s because of your other conditions and what might be neurological until you have that MRI scan. I can tell you all sorts of facts showing that MRI is absolutely safe, but if you are badly claustrophobic, they probably won’t be enough to get you in the machine :frowning: The way to definitely get round it is to be sedated - so you don’t know what’s going on. Someone else on here mentioned using a sleep mask too - really good idea I thought. So, e.g., you could get some valium from your GP and wear a mask maybe?

There’s a chance that they won’t make you have the MRI and only do a lumbar puncture, so you could ask about that. There are also a few “open MRI scanners” in the UK, so it might be possible to get sent to one of them.

Good luck.

Karen x

Hey thanks for all ur replies. Well my rheumatology apt isnt until 2nd Feb, im only cancellation waitin list. So its jus amatter of waitin. V xx