Is it me or is MS effecting one side more?

Hi, As a very dismissive doctor pointed out to me, every MS sufferer is different, however being newly diagnosed I wanted to ask him more questions before he kicked me out his office!! One question is do any of you find your symptoms affect one side more than the other? I get weakness on both sides but more actual stabbing type pains in just my right side… Is that common? Also any tips on managing that awful ‘where’s my foot gone’ feeling, makes me feel like I’m walking odd. Thanks - Pen

Hello Pen.

Yes what your feeling is MS,it can affect any part of our bodys diffrently.If one leg is going to have severe lower spasms it will always be the left leg.If one leg is unable to straighten and twisted inward of the foot it will be the right leg.

When I first had symptoms it only affected the left side of my body.


Hi Pen

Yes I do feel like tht, for example I am very right handed and can do very little with my left. My left leg also feels a lot weeker than my right and often drags on the floor when walking.

According to the last optician I saw my eyeballs have tremors too and don’t follow as they should with my right eyeball showing more dominance.

And yes every MS suffer is different even if two people both have PPMS each will have different symptoms, it’s such a complicated and bizzare condition

MS can affect literally anywhere, but a lot of people find one side is worse than the other or that some symptoms are only on one side. It all depends on where the lesions are, e.g. the cerebrum (the big bit at the top that most people think of as the brain) is organised so a lesion in the right half affects the movement and sensations in left side of the body and vice versa, but the right half controls the right half and the left, the left in the cerebellum (the smaller, roundish bit underneath the back of the cerebrum). So, e.g., if you have more lesions in the right half of your cerebrum, it’s likely that the left side of your body will be more affected.

I’m guessing that your foot is numb? Sorry, but I don’t think there is anything that can be done for numbness. Most people find that coping with it gets easier with practice though. If it’s part of a current relapse it might get better though - fingers crossed.


Karen x

Thank you all very much, all much more informative than my consultant!! Yes Karen, an odd numbness almost like the feeling if you wore rubber gloves, you know something is there but you just can’t feel it, this, I think is what makes me trip up a lot. Nice to know there is somewhere to come to where people understand and don’t think it’s all in your head or ignore you. Pen x

very interesting post.

i struggle a lot with the left side, both legs have pain but the left is a lot worse. my left arm is very sore all the way down into my hand which hurts but is weak and i get a burning pain.