Current symptoms left sided? So I'm not all right lol

Okay okay, I know the title is a bad joke but I couldn’t help myself lol. Ay way back to the serious stuff. Had suspected ON left eye, blurred vision colour blindness. Then last night my left leg decided it would limits its movement. Can’t swing it far enough to walk properly. Pain in the left groin, left side of pelvis. Then today electric shocks in left shoulder and heavy, lead like feeling in left arm. Is it normal to get all your symptoms on one side only? Very odd, what are your experiences and what do you guys think? Am I all left? (sorry lol again can’t help cracking this joke) at least I’m joking about it and i can find a giggle in all this weirdness! Much love Jojoxxxx

It’s pretty common to get one-sided symptoms in MS, but I can imagine it happens in other conditions too.

I hope you aren’t left too long with it all (sorry, very poor!).

Karen x

Lol very funny though :wink: I like it Karen! Thanks for responding. Xx

All my symptoms over the last one and a half years have been left sided too! I’ve had 2 MRI’s emg’s, bloods… with only non-specific brain lesions to be found. The neuro suspects possible MS as I’ve two accountable episodes but I’ve held off an an LP/EVP as I’m feeling pretty normal for the last few months (bar blips when I fall ill with other things or time of the month).

So it certainly seems like MS can affect one side more.

Look at us - a pair of lefties together! I wonder whether it has an affinity to one side in particular. I seem to have heard an awful lot of people having L sided symptoms - or maybe it’s my imagination…

Hope you feel better soon and get some answers.



I’m all right !! Xx

I’m topsy turvy to be honest - greedily taking a bit of both!

That’s just plain greedy Deb!! Xx

The majority of mine are left sided. I now have intention tremor on my left and a limp

Lol many thanks for all, your replies. Glad to hear you guys are ALL RIGHT(or left whichever side gives you the most greif sounds like in some cases both sides play up) strange thing this is lol.