Can MS effect just one side?????

Hi all, have to say everyone on here is very helpful at giving advice,support and answering questions. My question is “can MS effect one side of your body more than the other?” Mine tends to be mostly one sided,and I have had problems with this side for 3years on and off. Any anwers or thoughts would be gratefully received.

Thanks Nat F (undiagnosed)

Hi Nat Mine was all one sided…until yesterday that is !! Xx

It’s very often biased to one side or the other. It just depends where the lesions are (and that’s random).

Karen x

Mine is much worse on my left than my right but the right side is still affected but not so badly! Teresa xx

Thank you for the replies.

Nat x

Hello my husbands lesions are on left side so his right side tremors xx julie its always the opposite side of brain to body!

Yep definitely, my bad side is my left, I have sensations in both hands but the left side the worse however in terms of motors definitely my left is affected. Cannot even raise my toes as high as my right. X

I’ll ditto LISALOU. My entire left side is now pretty rubbish. Went swimming with the kids today and just lifting my left arm above my head was a struggle. Yet my right side feels absolutely fine.

Hi, my left side is my worst- weak leg and arm, completely useless hand and now dodgy left eye! Right side nowhere near as bad - hopefully will stay that way!