Muscle or MS?

hI, my MS affects my left side. The last 2 days I have had, what I can only explain as, my top right arm feels like I have a blood pressure maching pumping away on it, not so much pain, but very uncomfortable? Has anyone else had this? Thank you x

Hi Shellie, MS isn’t a “one-side-only” disease, I’m afraid. Although many people will start off noticing problems on one side or the other, the MS isn’t choosy over time, and chance will usually mean symptoms can pop up anywhere. It sounds like MS to me - a sensation like a tight band round the affected area? Also, when you ask: “MS or muscle?”, the answer might be: “Both!” MS does interfere with the working of the muscles - it can make them both weak and stiff. Although it doesn’t attack muscle tissue directly, if the muscle is receiving weak or wrong instructions from the brain, it won’t work as it should. Tina

Thank you Tina x