Can MS affect both sides at the same time?

Hi, I know MS affects everyone differently but can it affect both hands or arms or feet at the same time or is it always only one side at a time? Thanks

I’ve heard it said that MS only affects one side at a time, but I’ve had it on both plenty of times! Fortunately, it’s never been of the same intensity, so if my right side’s too weak, the left one is usually still functional, even when they’re both acting up.

The best I can offer is to work with your strengths, whatever they may be at the moment. Like, if both feet are burning and painful, lead with the one that has the most feeling and put your weight on it first. Or times when my dominant right hand can’t hold a cup of coffee, I’ll grasp it with my left and use the right one for support.

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My major weakness is left side. It started with left side weakness and i couldnt feel my left foot. Now my right side is my strong side and it carries the other side, but i still get some nerve stuff but no where near as bad as my left. My neuro did say it usually takes one side or the other.

but its not always the case.