I have been having right sided problems. My head to my foot doesn’t feel right like it’s out of line or something. I am getting pains in the right side of my head and If i twist my torso around it hurts right down my right and also the right side of my neck just under my ear is tender and sore compared to my left. My right shoulder blade is sore and when i do something my right arm and leg feel tired. Does this sound more like muscular skeletal than an ms symptom? Also if i stand in front of a mirror my right shoulder is noticeably lower than my left.


Impossible to tell, I’m afraid.

MS does not attack the muscles directly, but muscular and postural problems are common, because of muscles not getting the right signals - either none, or too many, making them work overtime. You also could develop bad posture if you are having problems with your balance.

So it’s not quite as clear as things being muscular OR MS; it might be both.

If MS didn’t cause any musculo-skeletal problems, people wouldn’t get sent to physio for it!