Muscle pain

Hi guys,

i have been diagnosed with PPMS and i have weakness and spasicity on my left leg, arm and fingers. I quit my job and i pretty much sit at home and haven’t done much for the last 10 months. Recently my right arm and leg has started hurting, its severe muscle pains but i don’t have weakness problems on my right side… it just doesn’t make sense and its starting to scare me, is it starting to affect my right side too? Or is it because i haven’t done much for ages and am causing muscle weakness and pain on my right side even though it was my strong side… im so scared!!

Big Hugs… Always my first response as . I don’t know how to define. So sorry you felt you needed to leave your job. Ok, so new unwanted stuff is happening so what do you think you should do ? … Yes you are right at. The minimum you should see GP, ideally your ms nurse & neorlogosist.

it could be that you overcompensate for the weakness on your left side which is having an effect on your right side.

a neurology physiotherapist would be a good help.

as sarah says, see your gp and ms team.

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Yes i agree about overcompensate as i get it a bit too. I am left side weak, and its my right side that takes the brunt of my body.

I think a visit to GP is a good idea we shouldnt always put it down to our MS.

No idea about the cause of your pain, but muscles only waste through inactivity and need regular exercise to retain strength. A physio will identify what muscle groups require strengthening and suggest a programme of exercises to correct the problem, or at least help slow progression.