pain in shoulder on opersite side to usuall

has anyone else experienced pain on their opsite side to usuall. I a nerve shooting pain down from my shoulder, just a bit worried as my MS usually only effects my left side and I know that for most MS sufferes they tend to have one side worse than the other, so whas just trying to get some feed back.

Hi, well I wonder if it could be due to something I have experienced? Pain which is felt away from a site of injury/harm/whatever can often be called referred pain. I learned about this from a doctor when my mum was ill.

When we have a weakend area, we subconsciously over compensate on the opposite side. Like if one hip is wak, we may lean more on the other to stop ourselves from falling.

Does it make any sense to you?

luv Pollx


I had shoulder pain on my left side and then last year it moved the right!

I am now excercising and have physio to hopefully banish that right side shoulder! The docs don’t know so we are trying the physio route first. So yes it can be MS but then again it might not be.

Polly is also right in that we over compensate putting more stress and wear on the ‘stronger’ side.

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feel alot better knowing nthing sinister just usual ms have takenmy usualpregabalin and tramadol but ontop tookamitriptyine which i usually keep for bedtime but great its holding down the pai n and i am back to my usual chirpy self thanks guys for your input

There is me keep putting my shoulder pain down to the fact that I fell and broke my shoulder last October. Perhaps its something else. Its on my worse side, maybe I ought to add that to the list of things I want to mention.