I have had a bad back for 3 weeks and it’s started waking me up from my sleep, it’s like a nagging pain in my right side. I have been to the doctors this morning and he asked me questions like if i had numbness, pins and needles and if my bowels were ok. He had me bending and he thinks it’s muscular. He doesn’t think it’s linked with ms but how does he know it’s muscular. I haven’t strained it or anything. He gave me some NSAID’s and said to go back in 2 weeks. Can’t help thinking it’s related to ms but he thinks not.

Oh crumbs, how frustrating. Well, play his game and take the meds for 2 weeks and then go back and be assertive and ask for more tests etc. I don’t know what sort of relationship you have with your GP, but if he is the approachable, open-minded, non-judgmental type (lucky you if he is!) then perhaps you could tell him you are worried it is related to your other issues and see what he says. If he sees your concern he may decide to pursue it.

Good luck xx