One side more than the other?

Recently I was shaking a bottle of yoghurt drink. I noticed that I couldn’t shake the bottle as well with my left hand as with my right. Yes, I’m right-handed, but this is more than a difference in dexterity. The left arm doesn’t move as rapidly as the right one. I also have problems with my left leg. Not all my problems ​are MS related, but I do suffer mild foot drop and my left leg is definitely weaker.

Has anyone else noticed that one side of their body is affected more than the other?

Hi Cheerful Dragon - yes, definitely. I’m much more ‘wobbly’ on my right side than my left… maybe we should get together? Your ‘good’ right side and my ‘good’ left side !!

Hi Dragon

Absolutely !! I am genuinely a lot weaker on one side my neuro picks up on it each exam as well as any other medical staff I ever come across

So I can’t forget I have it but for the life of me I can’t remember which side it is…

I’m off to find something heavy to lift


Crumbs, yes. Permanent sensory trouble is a mixture of one-sided and exact mirror-image two-sided, but the motor trouble is mainly one side only.

Doesn’t everyone have a mixture? I just assumed (without any good reason) that everyone was like that, more or less.


Right side more achy and feels weaker than left side – however physio says that when I’m examined the right side is stronger than the left side - must be something to do with the wiring up top!

Left side worse than right, dropped foot is also on the left.
last time I saw a neuro (3+years ago), he picked up a difference in muscle tone between sides.


I’m right handed, but my right side is most definitely weaker than my left. Has been for many a long year

i’m right handed but foot drop was on left.

i remember breaking my left big toe because of it.

it was very dramatic because we’d just come back from greece and went to our local pub.

it was a beautiful day and all our friends were outside in the beer garden.

i was wearing white (show off) and caught my left toe on a step landing on my nose.

loads of people ran over to pick me up but in my mind i knew i’d have blood all over me and need to go home to change.

so asked someone ot get me towel, which they did, a handful of paper towels from the loo.

then i was able to get up without looking like i’d been in a disaster movie.

Yes, my left side is far weaker than my right - toes, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, and hip.

When I sit on the sofa I can only sit on the left hand side and lean on the arm/cushions to my left, I don’t seem to bend to the right at all.

When I had the lovely MS hug that was on my left side and my left arm and hand are weaker than my right.

In fact if my entire left side was amputated I’d be fine!


Oh Carole that sounds awful, you’re lucky to have got away with just a broken toe. x

Yes, all my symptoms, drop foot, ms hug etc etc are on the right hand side :frowning:

Nearly all my symptoms are on the right side.

(I’m right handed. Except my right hand is crap. So sometimes it feels like I’m no-handed… sad face. I would love left-sided symptoms if anyone wants to swap?)

Hello, I am considerably worse on the left side. The right side of my head feels fuzzier than the left though and I believe that is because the right hand side of the brain controls the left hand side of the body. Perhaps someone with medical/scientific knowledge could confirm that!


It’s true that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. I’m not sure what you mean by the right side of your head feeling fuzzier, though.