Perceived weakness, not actually weak

Hello everyone I have had ms for 16 years now (starting at 21) and I’m doing fine. You wouldn’t guess i have ms. However, i often find that i have a “weaker” side, especially my leg. It’s not that I physically seem to be weaker but it just feels more unbalanced and different feel to my left side. Does anyone know what I mean? I wonder will it eventually progress to actually being weak? It’s such a confusing symptom. My right side is traditionally the more affected side regarding sensory issues. Any insight is appreciated. I never know how to explain it to my neurologist. Katy

Hi Katy

I have always had a weaker right side since my diagnosis.

I am always aware of it and therefore carry shopping bag/s with my left hand, if i carry them in my right hand I tend to walk in circles!

My diagnosis was in 2008 and I am actually weak now but that may be due to my rapidly advancing years!

My advice is to keep spirits up and to drink gin whilst watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club!

Carole x

Thank you Carole, this picture of walking in circles made me laugh. I’m just puzzled because it’s not actual weakness if you were to test it, just feels that way. Very confused.

Yes I know what you mean, I’m sure the majority of us do.
I first started noticing after I’d been for a longish walk, I just felt as if I was walking differently as if my right leg wasn’t going at the same pace as my left. I lived in a circle of houses at the time and as I entered I rang my friend a neighbour and asked her to watch me walk towards her house. She didn’t see anything odd or different but I felt it and yes it has progressed but this was about twelve years ago, I am still mostly on my feet although I can’t walk far.

Best wishes
Jan x

I don’t walk in circles but I swim in circles

Hi, I do get what you mean. When neuros do the quick ‘squeeze my hand’ exam, my hands react as if they are strong…but the test is so short, it cant give a proper result. My left hand tires after half an hour doing anything.

Then with MS, we often have altered sensation. I often think my feet are pointing away from me, but they are straight forward. It’s MS playing it’s mind games with us!