Weak feeling in limbs

Hi just wondered if anyone has experienced a feeling of weakness in any of their limbs but are not actually weak? Its hard to explain. I have this weak feeling in my arm and leg right side but i still have the strength. I always have to keep moving my arm or leg (if I’m sitting down) to make sure they are still working which they always do. They kind of feel dead and floppy like but only they aren’t. I keep worrying if this feeling is going to get worse until they do eventually get weak to the point i cant use them. Ive had this feeling for a while. Its so annoying x

Oops i posted this in everyday living as well last night but didn’t think it sent x


I get a sensation of real weakness “flooding” though my limbs, usually lower half. Like you, It feels like legs and feet are so weak I won’t be able to walk but I fact I can. I have got used to this feeling now so it doesn’t bother me much, until last week that is when it happened and I couldn’t walk for a couple of days!

I do get this in my arms but less often. Its is very strange sensation. But its also like the numbness. Sometimes my legs ahve been completely numb but much to my surpise I could still use them, although very wobbly and falling over.

These weird quirky things that happen are really hard to understand aren’t they! ?


Thanks for your reply. It is a very strange sensation. My limbs feel like i could collapse to the floor. Very strange sensation. I hope its something that will go or that ill get used to it like yourself. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet. Waiting for first Neuro appointment. Its just scary when you experience these different things and don’t know why they are happening xx

I get exactly the same feeling, but, like you, my muscles aren’t actually weak. It’s a really strange feeling, isn’t it? I was told by a Physio that this indicates that the messages from the muscles to the brain aren’t getting through properly, but I have been told so many things by so many different people over the years that I have become very cynical and tend to take everything with a pinch of salt until there is concrete evidence! It is definitely something you should mention to your Neuro.