Weak Feeling In Limbs

Hi just wondered if anyone has experienced a feeling of weakness in any of their limbs but are not actually weak? Its hard to explain. I have this weak feeling in my arm and leg right side but i still have the strength. I always have to keep moving my arm or leg (if I’m sitting down) to make sure they are still working which they always do. They kind of feel dead and floppy like but only they aren’t. I keep worrying if this feeling is going to get worse until they do eventually get weak to the point i cant use them. Ive had this feeling for a while. Its so annoying x

Yes I have this too, if I walk upstairs my legs feel weak, but they are not. Sometimes happens when I am just sitting as well. MS is weird!

My consultant described this feeling as ‘fatigueability’. There is no actual weakness in my right arm or my right leg but if I overuse either limb it begins to feel weak and worn out more quickly than my left hand side. Related to where my main lesion is I believe and the extra effort needed for the messages to get through. She didn’t think it would progress / worsen unless I relapsed. I have gabapentin for neurological pain but am trying to avoid taking it as it makes me woozy. I do find when I take ibuprofen the sensation lessens. I know what you mean about it being a strange sensation!

Have also experienced this as well, also very weak hands. Just going through a relapse now just waiting to go to the hospital for a review whilst it’s going on so not much fun at the moment. Hopefully things will improve for you take care.

That would Make sense I feel that with both arms and legs x The right side does have weakness but I don’t know about left. Though a physio can do different tests and they can know what muscle is working. So technically I’m stil strong just some don’t work x

Im having this problem now in my right side my righ5 arm upto my elbow and weakness in the top of my right leg upto my hip

Hi all. Yes it really isn’t a nice feeling as its a feeling like my limbs are limp and that i could flop any second. I did wonder if perhaps it was like a fatigue thing. Billpat1 sorry your going through a relapse. I hope you will feel much better soon. Well it makes me feel better that others understand what its like. Thank you all for your replies xx

I’m gonna use your explanation during my next neuro appointment!

It’s exactly the same in my case, especially when I lay I feel that I can never be sure whether I can move my legs until I make this movement. I also have the strength (or ‘very slight weakness’) but the feeling is really awful. It’s like a waiting for the day when I really won’t be able to move my legs - quite depressing :frowning:

take care x

Yep, me too! Right leg & right arm - leg has been like this for a while now but now my arm has joined in! I find sitting for too long makes matters worse, particularly sitting on the sofa watching TV in the evening - it takes a couple of goes to stand up! But at least it all still works! I’m getting back into the gym routine from Friday (I was going 3 times a week until relapse at Christmas, so I hope / expect this will help) …

Emma x

I know exactly what you mean. My legs feel weak but still very capable. Especially when I’ve been sitting at my desk for a while. I get up to go to the printer and it’s a while before I am walking properly. Feels as though my legs are about to give way and are really wobbly. Luckily so far they have never given way. Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Left arm has joined in today too. It’s been quivering away for the last few days and now it’s an effort just to lift it and when I do it starts quivering again. So annoying!!

PG xx

It’s been very interesting reading this. I’ve had a mild relapse recently - either that or a pseudo relapse caused by a throat infection I seem to have. Anyway, my leg has gone weak - except not weak in the sense it (I) can’t walk, but in the sense it doesn’t seem to remember what to do - especially if I’ve been sitting down a while first. The other day, I walked about 25 minutes from the city centre to the station, and that was OK - so can’t be anything too serious with mobility. But after the walk, I had literally ten minutes on the train - sitting down - and when I got off at the other end, it was as if my leg couldn’t remember it was walking fine just a few minutes ago. The odd thing about this is it happens when I start to walk, from resting - not when I’ve been walking a long time. So it’s almost the opposite of fatigue - more like trouble getting started, but if I persevere on through it, I walk OK. “Fatiguability” is an excellent description for it - the leg feels really weak, and as if it doesn’t understand what it’s meant to be doing - but without actually giving way. I’ve had this before, following another relapse, and described it to the neuro as like a kind of power cut, but he looked at me as if I was from Mars. At one point, I even wondered if it was an anxiety thing, because it seems to affect the start of journeys - NOT when I’m most tired, so I wondered if I was nervous about setting off. But I’m convinced, now, it has nothing to do with state of mind, as I’m no more anxious about leaving the house than I’ve ever been, but there is distinct faltering when I first set off, or any time I’ve been resting a while, before standing up to walk. It IMPROVES if I press on regardless, as if the leg remembers what’s expected. It’s like having to get my land legs again, every time I stand up. I’ve never actually fallen, so it seems to be a sensation the leg is weak, rather than actually being so. Tina x

my right leg feels weaker than the left one but all physio tests suggest that the right leg is the stronger one.

Hi I am new to this site i was diagnosed 6 years ago I have weakness in my right leg and pain in my left knee. I was talking pregagalin but found tiredness was a problem with work so stopped talking them. Looking forward to reading your post’s. Neil

I was diagnosed in 2010, it is so hard now to do anything,my husband does and everything now, I lost my sight in my left eye 1996, but the sight came back so I got on with my life, I’m in bed most of the time,this ms is so horrible.

Yes my right leg and my right arm are very weak. My MS nurse is surprised that I haven’t got (what’s it called when your limbs lock up )I can’t remember what it’s called. But they haven’t and I exercise them every single day but I can’t walk on my right leg and I can hardly use my right arm - too weak!

Reading these posts about weakness and numbness in legs does anyone get the strange sensation when you are sat you have no sensation of where your leg is until you look down and actually see it. Neil

I am so weak ,it’s driving me crazy