Is it just me?

Well, finally took the plunge and joined a dating site. Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the box but this can’t be normal. So far the vast majority are more interested in the MS than me. This week has been special, yesterday I was messaged by an 18 year old who asked if I could go up for the weekend while her boyfriend filmed us. Now when I was alive that would have been a no brainer but times change! The other interesting moment, or moments, have come with a woman from Sunderland who I am convinced boils bunnies for a living. Two messages and she said she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I am assuming she wears the type of top where the sleeves buckle at the back. Maybe I should send her a photograph, that will drive her away for sure. You should give it a go, keep you entertained for hours. Gary

hi gary


what a lot of interesting women you meet on the net eh?

when we first moved to this town, i answered the door to a normal looking woman about my age (22 at the time).

she asked me if i would sponsor her but didnt answer when i asked her what she would be doing.

eventually she seemed to forget what she had come for.

it turned out that she was famous locally for being quite mad.

she used to approach men and ask them for sex. once went to the road where all the professional prossies went and got beaten up. poor girl.

hope you manage to get in touch with some saner women!

carole x

ps love your user name - got me singing that pharrell williams song.


Phew! you do have to be wise and careful when looking at internet dating.

Those guys who wanted to know more about MS, may have a fetish for folk with illnesses.

Do be careful, yeh?


Oh dear Gary. You do make me laugh.

There must be an easier way to meet sane women. You go careful. You don’t want to catch anything (if you know what I mean).

Shazzie x

Gary, I have to say your post amused me! My friend hasnt long joined one but all she seems to get is people who want to send and then do filthy images! Shes yet to come across anyone that has asked her on a date or anything. Loads of messages but all really really rude!!!

So how did you get out of your filming debut?? (I assume its a debut - but what do I know)


theres alot of dangerous folk out there. having ms doesnt make u exempt!

however, theres also some guid 'uns.

good luck and keep safe whilst u explore… ellie

Well my acting debut is on hold, at least until Spielberg calls! Have actually chatted with a couple of women who seem to be in possession of a full set of marbles. Now I have to convince them that I am the same. Def not contacting the one who said her interest was saving dinosaurs, didn’t have the heart to ask her how many she had saved already. Or the one who asked if I chose the name happy because I was short. If that had been the case I would have gone for Doc or Sneezy but what the hey. Haven’t had this much fun since I was horse riding in Yosemite and the stallion behind me took a fancy to the mare I was riding and proceeded to show this fancy in the well known manner whilst at the same time biting the top of my head. I can only hope that if there was a foal as a result of this they named it after me. After all I was involved in the conception. I doubt the stallion could have got as worked up without having my head to gnaw on.

Ur posts have made me smile. Hopefully there are some Sane ones out there. I’ve encountered a few interesting guys. Hmmm and they wonder why they are single. X