I love my PJ days.

But I don’t love when I have to heave my ruddy great left leg up to insert it into my stylish pyjama bottoms and then get really confused in the half light when I can’t stick my better right leg in.

I sit there sweating in self-denial but it is only defecting from the truth:

I’ve put my left leg in the right (wrong) hole.

Start again, oh and all the shifting makes me need the loo.

Stay calm good people.

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Steve you make me laugh…it’s a good job you didn’t trip up and land on the floor , the paramedics would have a shock seeing you half dressed although I bet nothing shocks them . I hate it when I get clothes stuck on me and I know I can’t get them off I panic I’m beginning to choose clothes that are easy to get on and off …even Frazer can’t help me when I’m truly stuck. He’s good for pulling boots off though. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Have you thought about turning the lights on?


I’m laughing reading this because I was stuck myself earlier except it was my top I was trying to pull over my head. It’s a tad snug but is meant to be, its just a nightmare to get off… sitting on my bed arms up struggling to move, my head and face covered, bent forward tryna pull this bloody top over… it’s getting hot in here! I can’t pull it back down either now I’ve committed myself, its like a self induced straight jacket… help! Aye so I won’t be wearing that top again then eh ha!.. The look my cat gave me when I finally broke free muttering & groaning spoke volumes… ;p

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