Ipod/Iphone apps

Hello all I am new to this forum so bear with me. I find using apps on my IPod Touch for reminders of GP dates and taking of meds. The apps i use are PillTracker, ecoHeadache and Calender these are the best apps i have found to date, i also use WordWeb for my words etc as my memory for spelling is staring to fail. Does anybody else use apps ? if so what are they ? :slight_smile: Bye for now Chris

Evening! I use dragon dictation for iPad as at the minute hands are both numb, so can only type a little bit. It’s great as can dictate emails,or Facebook status’s! Like the ones you use though, might look onto them a bit! Jo x

Hi I am lucky enough to have a 4s iPhone so Siri is really helpfull for typing messages for me … In fact it’s writing this for me now as my vision isn’t too good at the minute so would take me ages to type. Siri also sets alarms for me, reminders and helps me out with other bits and pieces, it has been a god send. I especially like using it whilst I have headphones in So when I am walking to work I don’t drop my phone or get my hands cold. Apps I really like are shift manager as I am always getting muddled when I am working, the build in Callander, remind me and iPhone tracker for when I put it down and can’t remember where as I can make it ring or light up so I can find it again xxx