MS Manager App iPhone

Is there similar software available for use on a PC/lap top?

It seems a bit tedious using an iPhone to type a lot of information.

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Bit old but I have an app on my ipad called ms manager which I found has really helped me and is easy to use

I use a program called My MS Manager (MASS) on my android which I’m sure is available for the iPhone/iPad. I’ve tried looking for a PC based program to no avail. This is app is highly recommended by many MS websites/forums.

Its a free program and free to activate. Most of the options are drop downs or you can enter your own data via your keypad so that you can customise it to your own symptoms/lifestyle. I find it really good that I can track my symptoms daily using acurate times so that i can work out the best time of day to do things. It also lists all your current meds and the frequency in which you take them which is great help for the wife when she has to speak to agencies who need to know.

If you activate your account you will be given a link to a webpage where you can view all your inputted data on screen. Now comes the best bit. If your MS nurse/clinic/Neuro would like to see how you are getting on without actually seeing you, you can give them a link to the website where they can login and see everything you have entered. It has certainly helped my and my MS Nurse especially as I prepare to go onto DMT. Its so easy to forget things when you are having a hospital appointment, now they just log in to the website and we can discuss it all.

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Andy65 -yep - that’s the app I meant, i just couldn’t for the life of me remember the full name of it! Major downside of my memory going because of MS so thank you for providing full information :slight_smile: