Smart Phone App


I have just found this app for smart phones on the NHS health apps. And just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the app?

Sounds wonderful, but why only for Apple iPhone 5s?


This app is really good. Stephanie millward is connected to it, I had it on my iPhone 4s sadly my iPhone had an accident in October :frowning: I can’t get the app on my Samsung. But last I heard they were working on am android version.

i am new to apps but have just found this site that is good for us/those who can’t afford to/ sooner be tortured than have an iphone…

hope it is of some use, ttfn fluffs

The app is available on Android now as well. I have it on my Samsung.

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Each to their own, I suppose, but I must admit I fail to understand the preoccupation with recording symptoms. I would find it quite a negative thing to do, and certainly wouldn’t want an app to help me focus on how bad I feel.

OK, I might forget a couple of things when speaking to the neuro. But if it was so minor or occasional I forgot all about it, how important could it really be? I’m sure if anything was really worrying or upsetting me, I wouldn’t forget.


Thank you, went to download it but I don’t have enough space :frowning: