Dad has MS and Android phone - wants to use an app?

Hi as I said in the title my father has MS fairly severely and recently upgraded to an Android phone and wants to know if there are any good apps for daily management sort of planning/storing memos and whatnot etc. specifically designed at people with multiple sclerosis? Thanks


I’ve also got an adroid phone, bought as it had a keyboard with it incase the hands went funny. I use ‘colournote’ to keep and schedule reminders of things to do like excercises or things to say at an appointment etc. I’ve found it quite helpful I think there are also apps that help with keeping reminders in regards to medication, I’ve never used it but may be helpful.

Hope that’s helpful!


I use an app called Do it tomorrow. Very simple app. Somewhere to store lists of things to do. Any that aren’t marked as done today get moved to tomorrow. Simple memo/task storage. I find it useful. Stay well. Steve.