Medical App - Research for a Project

Hi all,

Currently doing some research for a project and need some help.

Just a bit of background about me: I have relapse remitting and not on a drug therapy so am trying to be diligent with supplements & diet. I have an annual checkup with my neurologist and unless I have a severe relapse, I just take note of when my typical symptoms start up (eg. numbness in limbs). I’ve tried researching for a medical app to see if anything out there is suitable to store my notes but I haven’t found anything.

If you could create or use an app for medical purposes, what features would you want? Doctor information? Calendar? Dates pertaining to change of drug therapy? A log to store symptoms, frequency causes?

In addition to MS, I have other ailments and sometimes have problems keeping everything on track, especially when some procedures don’t occur annually but in two or 3 years time. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

ADMIN: apologies in advance is this is not permitted.