Smart phone app to help disabled get around London

Great idea. Love the fact it was designed by a 7/7 survivor too.

Thanks for posting.

Karen x

I imagine it won’t be that useful for a lot of people on the boards either they can’t afford a Smart Phone or they don’t live in London but if they can and if they do, hopefully it will be of some use to them…

Thanks, we are in Scotland and planning a holiday to London at Easter. This will be very useful, thanks. Cheryl:)

I visited London last year and the tube system is a nightmare for anybody with mobility problems , escalators and lifts are only available at main stations, i had a real nightmare getting up 3 flights of stairs with my wife behind ne pushing me up hahahaha , my advice to anyone visiting the capital is do your homework before you get there unlike me …doooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thank you for posting the information about this app - and what a great idea from this man who so obviously understands mobility problems - I now have it on my phone ;-))

I don’t live in London but travel down at times for work and so it should come in very handy.

I hope this can be copied in other cities.

Thank you for sharing.

(((((((Hugs))))))) Mary