London underground

Hi all just wondering if any of you have used the underground in a wheelchair and how you found it . we would love to go and see Billy Connolly at Hammersmith in January but it would mean using the tube and a bit unsure what to expect .

Any advice anyone has would be great . Good week to you all.


The Transport for London site site is a good starting point for access information.

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Excellent question that I would love to know answer to also. Mr Slug goes to london sometimes but says he has never seen wheelchair on tube, and doesn’t believe they could cross ‘mind the gap’. But we would like to do family trip to see the Capital, but always put it off as seems unrealistic without expensive taxis.

hope all well x

Thanks for the link very useful , i wonder if anyone has tried going on the tube successfully .



i visited London last year with my mates to see the Poppy’s at the tower and visit the imperial War museum. I was with wheels.

i got on a tube by using a lift down and wheeled onto the tube.

I got off the tube to find no lift. My 3 mates carried my and chair up a flight of stairs to get out. You would hope when I bought the ticket from the lady at the kiosk (in chair) she may have said that the destination was liftless. That trip cost me 3 extra pints in a pub for my mates. Kept them fit mind!!



Hi Neil thanks for your reply that is really not good is it my poor husband would have a heart attack carrying me . looking at the underground map it seems that you can only get on and off at stations the show a disabled symbol on them and a lot don’t have them. I don’t think we will risk it and just stick to going to venues we know we can park .

Thank you all . Katy

It led to an awesome story though… :smiley:

Hi Katy,

Go to the transport for London website and you can see which stations have wheelchair access.

There is also a leaflet called 'Avoiding stairs tube guide’

Good luck and have a good trip.

Jen x

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As previous people have said only use tube stations which have wheel chair access.symbol

The London buses are very good for wheelchair users but obviously slower and need more investigation. They are free for wheelchair user and carer. The technique is to get in at the exit doors. A ramp comes out that you can drive up but don’t crowd the door. Be about 4 feet away. Often useful to get someone/carer to ask the driver to lower the ramp.

London Black cab take small mobility scooters without having to dismantle them

Good luck