Forgetting to take medicines



I am really bad at remembering to take my meds. Sometimes I won't remember my morning meds until lunch time and other times I will be wondering if I did take them or not.

I have tried dosette boxes but I still have to remember to actually take the tablets confused

For those who have an iPhone this might help. It is a free app which is even better...
It is a visual reminder of your meds with sound reminders and alerts. Worth looking at....


Wow!  Hi five, Belinda!

I just came to post about this very subject.

Not the iphone app, as I don't have an iphone, but forgetting to take pills.

I've just realised I forgot two Baclofen I should have taken about teatime.

What's more, I didn't notice, so I'm wondering if I've been taking them unnecessarily for ages.  Usually, if I skip a dose, my legs start telling me about it in no time.  But I'm not sure I've ever skipped the afternoon dose before.

Maybe they're redundant?

Not sure whether to take them tomorrow or not, now.  Maybe it was just good luck.



I have to have a very simple phone but it has 6 alarm settings so I just have them set constantly....mind you I didnt realise the alarm still sounds when on silent,,which was embarrasing in the curry house.

The kids have got  'medication time!!!' off to a treat.

Anitra  I often wait to see if I think im going to need my dinnertime baclofen and miss if im ok and then maybe have it 5ish if necessary.As long as I dont go above 60mg a day Gp is happy for me to use as needed and always leave a min of 4 hrs between doses.


I have an alarm on my phone that goes off when it's time to take my meds.  Still doesn't stop me forgetting to take them though.

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Hi Belinda,


I too forget to take my pills when stated, so now because my son is older and wiser (I hope) I try laying them out on the worktop because if I dont see them I forget.  But there again its a case of remembering to get them out and lay them on the worktop in the first place.


Im wondering if a notice on a cork board would help too.  My son ocassionally reminds me but not often.


Perhaps post it notes all over the place to be screwed up each time we take them, and new colours posted for the next batch. 


Im sure lots of other msers have similar problems (cognitive fog). 


Im hoping I never have to place a note telling me who I am!


Best wishes





Thanks so much Belinda... your post just reminded me to take my med's (and I'll take them NOW as in 15 seconds or less I will have forgotten confused)

Pat x

Thanks for this, i forget to take my Avonex quite regularly, i have the reminder set on my phone yet i still forget. I have now downloaded my meds reminder app and ill see if that works lol 

sian x

You’re welcome sian. Hope it works for you.

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Hi Belinda, I take my am tablets with my breakfast (in bed). I keep them in my bedside drawer.

I take my pm tablets at 9pm every night.

There have only been a couple of times when I have forgotten either.

The iphone reminder is a great idea.

luv Pollx