No wonder I feel rubbish...

Lunchtime’s Baclofen is still lying on the counter, where I left it, ready to take.

Realised I’d better get a move on, or I’d miss the afternoon play (which turned out to be a false alarm, as it was one of the ever-increasing number of repeats anyway). But gulped down my cuppa soup, in a hurry. No tablets!

I took the next lot at about five, still not having realised.

But that means I’ve been slightly Baclofen-deprived, most of the day. No wonder I’ve not had a very pleasant afternoon!



Hi Tina. I’ve done that before. It is horrible.

I hope the Baclofen builds up soon hun.

Shazzie x

Thanks Shazzie,

It doesn’t normally take too long to right itself, once I’m back to the proper dose.

But isn’t it interesting I can still feel I’ve missed one somewhere, even after I’ve taken the next scheduled lot?

If anything, I’m relieved when I find I’ve missed a tablet or two, because unexplained worsening of symptoms would otherwise be a relapse! Thank God it’s only carelessness, not that!



Hi T, I am good at taking my morning drug cocktail, but can forget the evening ones, if I drop off to sleep early.

But if ever I have lunchtime ones eg anti biotics, I can easily forget them.

If I had been on the pill in my younger days, I imagine I would`ve had about a dozen kids!


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