Oh dear, I forgot the Baclofen again :(

Thought I wasn’t feeling too good this afternoon. Only realised when I’ve come to take the next dose that lunchtime’s Baclofen, plus a supplement I should have taken as well (nothing to do with MS) are still on my desk, waiting for me to take with my coffee - which I did finish, but apparently without taking the pills.

I know from past experience that even though I’ve taken the next dose anyway, I’ll probably notice the missing one 'til well into tomorrow some time. Rats!



Thats the trouble with all these damn tablets, remembering to take them! Hope you don’t feel bad tomorrow Tina, Tracey x

Thanks Tracey,

I’d love to be able to report that something exciting happened, that caused me to completely forget it, but it’s been a dull and miserable day - inside and out.

I don’t understand how I can actually make the coffee, get the tablets out of their cards ready to take, put them on the desk, sit at the desk and drink the coffee, and still forget to take them! You’d think once I was sitting down with tablets ready, cup in hands, I’d passed the point where I could mess up, wouldn’t you? Such a damn nuisance!



Sure we all do it! I know I did mine was I took TOO many, methotrexate, ended up in A&E, all sorts of tubes & examinations, very, very silly Was ok, just a tad ashamed! Have to take a flippin tablet container with me now, this illness is a lovely thing, not!!! Tracey x

Ooh, dear, that’s a nasty one - no idea what too much methotrexate does.

I’m sure I’ve accidentally taken too many baclofen before, just as I have accidentally skipped some, but as I have good tolerance for the drug, and didn’t begin to feel at all groggy, I didn’t put myself through the ordeal of reporting to A&E.

I think you’d have to take a lot of extra Baclofen to kill you - I’m not so sure about methotrexate.



I set the alarm on my phone to remind me to take my next dose of meds, problem is if I don’t take them the minute I turn the alarm off I simply forget…again.

My Granddaughter (4 in Sept) always says tablet time Grandma when she hears the alarm

Jan x

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Liver failure apparently got them mixed up with folic acid ones, very similar in size & colour, I definitely won’t be repeating that 1!!! Tracey x

Brain fog nightmare!!!

Yup, wouldn’t have worked for me either, because it would have reminded me to get the tablets out of the packets at the right time (which I managed anyway), but still couldn’t have made sure I actually took them.

It’s a very odd kind of forgetting, because I haven’t forgotten them altogether, but just failed at the final hurdle of actually swallowing them. More like a lapse of concentration, I suppose - I’ve started the activity, but not finished it (happens all the time).