Baclofen withdrawal?

Morning everyone,

I’ve been taking 20mg of baclofen every night for about a year. I stupidly forgot to put a new prescription in on time so last night I didn’t have any. I was prepared for the spasms but I feel bloody awful this morning. Is it possible to have withdrawal, because that’s what it feels like, on such a low dose? I’m picking up the new prescription this afternoon and have learnt my lesson not to leave it to the last minute again!

Many thanks

Becky x

Hi Becky, I’ve stupidly done the same thing and am dreading the next 24 hours, before I can get an urgent prescription. Hope you got yours. Linda

When I accidentally ran out of baclofen on a Saturday a while ago (stupidly thought there was another box at the back of the cupboard but there wasn’t) We went to the chemist that I regularly use and explained the situation. As the pharmacist knew me and could check my history on his computer he was able to issue an emergency prescription to tide me over till the GP opened on Monday and I could order more in the normal way. I am on a fairly high dose and was really worried about going ‘cold turkey’ so the fact that the pharmacist could sort me out was really helpful and it’s reassuring to know that if it ever happens again there is a way to get an emergency supply.