Er... Um... today is... ???

Hi all, confusing or what???

I keep my med’s in one of those weekly plastic organiser things. I take 3 pills in morning (Amitriptyline, statin and Vit D3) and then another Amtriptyline at 6.30 pm (mobile phone reminder goes off).

So last night when the reminder goes off I open the ‘Monday’ box and ALL my meds are in there… therefore I assume I forgot to take my morning meds and take them then… except for the Amitriptyline as I have to take another anyway.

Then this morning I open Tuesday’s box and there is only the night-time Amitriptyline… so had I already taken this morning’s med’s??? I can’t remember taking them at all AND if I took them where is the glass of water?

Keep awake people!

So… I think I took Tuesday’s med’s yesterday morning so that last night I opened Monday’s box and it appeared that I had not taken any med’s… and then this morning Tuesday’s box is empty because I took them yesterday!!!

If you understand the above you deserve a medal.

If you don’t understand the above join the club…

Pat x

Hi Pat,

That sounds just the sort of things I do, you got to laugh, cos if you didn’t you would cry!

I have a saying in our house like this…you don’t have to be mad to live here…but it helps!

Overcast here today, but no rain…yet!

Pam x

You are not alone Pat you should try living in our house. I learned never to ask Grandma the time because it all became too confusing. She had many clocks and when asked the time would say, " see that clock there, well that is five minutes slow, compared to that one which is ten minutes fast but the one in the hall is running about 25 minutes behind the one in the kitchen. Bless her she knew exactly what the time was as she had a perfectly good wrist watch! My main problem is putting something in a safe place and then completely forgetting where the safe place is. Or getting all the way to the top of the stairs and forgetting why I struggled up there in the first place. You are right Pam got to laugh.

HOORAY it’s not just me! (Doing my happy dance) I can’t remember if I took my tablets by the time I finish the cup of tea I took them with, like you said Pat, only people who experience this will understand. I also got a weekly nomad box but mine’s like a little chest of drawers with a removable drawer for each day. Without it I’d probably be insane with pain or dead with an overdose (I take enough meds to kill a small donkey).

I thought it was only me, but it’s not!!! Hopefully loads of people will respond with the same experiences and I can relax knowing I don’t need a little white coat with very long sleeves that tie at the back, or a very well upholstered room.

You’ve made my day! Thank you.

Take care

Cath xx

Dear Pat, this is sad but i need a medal it’s so easy to do, we try our best to get it right and some times we get it wrong - we do our best in so many things just to get through the day OR get out of bed! This has ben my problem of late, body protesting about every move, take care guys and be safeM

Oh girls I’m so glad it’s not just me!

I get in such a muddle sometimes… and Dinks I have a bit of your Grandma’s clock muddle going on… got two clocks that don’t work but they are so lovely I keep them… my excuse being that they are the right time twice a day!

Hope everyone is ok?

I have 3 friends visiting today… one from the States who I haven’t seen for about 15 years… so am both nervous and excited all at once… I expect to be in bed for rest of week!

Love to all,

Pat xxx

Hope you are feeling much better soon M…

Sending you lots of love,

Pat xxx

Back in the day I used to be so good at remembering my tablets!, in fact I once said to my husband …I don’t understand how you can forget your tablets if you feel so ill! HA HA…I DO NOW! The contrary thing is though I can forget mine but remember to remind said husband to take his! No rhyme or reason to this MonSter, is there? Very best wishes everyone, Love Nina x

True Nina no rhyme or reason!

My favourite one is when my mobile goes off at 6.30 pm to remind me to take pill. I turn it off and immediatly forget to take pill.

I think my goldfish have better memory than me. They always remember when it’s feeding time… but then food is something I don’t usually forget about!

Pat x

Atm - I am good at remembering my meds but I can see that I will end up with all sorts of reminders in the future! Teresa xx

I have a pill purse (a little zip up clear plastic purse), it mostly contains vits BUT it lives on my desk on workdays and the coffee table during the evening… that way it reminds me to take amitriptyline in the evening and my LDN when I put the little bag back in my handbag before bed. I leave the baclofen on top as I need to take 3 times a day so it’s usually in view.

It’s still not perfect as vits at the weekend are a bit hit and miss but it kind of does the job :wink: It’s all the different times that makes it so messy!

I’m not surprised people get lost… Pat, we should get text reminders from the NHS, they do a good enough job of reminding us of when we have an appointment even tho I’m PRETTY SURE that those of us that make the appointment do need it so could not just forget!!!

Sonia x

Oh Pat, sorry but you did make me giggle!

I tried a pill organiser but I kept getting my days in a muddle! I’m also terrible for getting them mixed up (there’s nothing worse than taking energy meds instead of a sleeping pill! ).

I’m trying to be good now, and when I take my morning meds (pain is a good reminder), I also put my pills for the day on my bedside table, so I can tell if I’ve taken them or not. Seems to be working so far.

Mags xx