Dont mess with Medication

Here I amm sitting up in bed with me laptop drinking tea and eating biscuits at 12:30 am whe I should be

And its all down to my foolish efforts. I have been going along fine for the last few months and because of my inndegestion in the evennings thought I would change the time of the tablets I take for it from first thing in the morning till lunnch time thinnking they woud see me through till evening .

NOPE HOW WRONG CAN my one brain cell get things.? Been in bed all day fast asleep after messing up last nightand been asleep all day, NOW CANT SLEEP. If there is a prize for stupidity I must be a contender, it happenns everytime I think I have life sorted I go and mess with the ying and yang annd make for bing and bang.

I’m with you on that one, tried to take my Amitriptyline later so I could enjoy more of my evening without blurred vision (take it at 7pm) but ended up spending the whole following morning dozing off on sofa. I agree Hoppity, we shouldn’t try and fix what isn’t broke, as my Neuro likes to remind me.

Take care

Cath xx

I hate that, I’m going thru similar issues with meds at the moment, I am weaning off Tizandine as it’s rubbish for me :frowning:

So with less than a week til Xmas I’m weaning off, with the hope of commencing new meds over the weekend… I might even delay that as I’ve not picked up the prescription yet so haven’t even read the side effects yet and I’m thinking a shakey legged Christmas might be better than one where I’m second guessing how I might feel!

Hope normality resumes soon for you :wink:

Sonia x

I am with you most definitely on that one. I keep being told to increase the baclofen and amitriptyline, but evertime I try I feel worse and too much like a zombie.

Thought I will leave it till the new year and think about it again. What a strange new years resolution that is lol

Pam x

yep we are all in the same boat it seems. Hmmm at least some things do not change the birds in the back garden are giving me some marvelous picture oppertunities.

Proof that I’m seriously in denial or maybe just a happy person, I just looked at this thread on a small screen and Don’t mess with Medication has got “Don’t mess with my toot toot” going round my head… ok, maybe I’m just delusional :wink:

Sonia x

Sonia now come on this is serious stuff we are on about here and now you have started a contagious song going round and round when we are sussposed to be singing carols and eating mice pies and we are all humming and I am listening to it on youtube Denise LaSalle - Don't Mess With My Toot Toot - YouTube


I just clicked the linky Don as that truly has been bopping round my head today and it’s just like I remember it

Now, get back to your carols sniggers

Sonia x

Sonia BAH HUMBUG to you