Intermittent dizziness

Hi everyone

My son has just started in reception class at school which is a mile away in each direction. I don’t drive so i walk him there and back, I also have a yonger son who i push in his buggy.

The last two days as i have been nearing the end of the walk (when i’m most tired) i am having dizzy spells. They last a few seconds and luckily i have the pushchair to hold onto, otherwise i’m fairly sure i’d be on the floor. Dreading the day he’s too old to be pushed! Then the dizzy spells happen intermitantly throughout the day.

Is this because i’m exerting myself physically, or is just an MS-y thing? Maybe it’s the heat as i tend to be hot by the time i get home? I had vertigo in a relapse previous, but that was all the time.

Just wondering if i’m alone with this or if it’s common?



Hi L

I was hoping you’d got something else sorted for the school run :frowning: . I tend to go a bit hot and light-headed/dizzy whenever I exert myself.

My usual one for that is gardening. Last time I tried to tidy the garden I knew I was getting a bit hot (and this was on a cooler day) so I was going to head indoors for a cooling drink and I nearly headbutted the back door as I lurched forwards like I was drunk. So far I haven’t hit the deck but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

I don’t know what to suggest for you. Is there a bench or a playpark half way home where you could stop and rest while your son has a little snack or something. Just something to break the walk up a bit for you? Hopefully your body will get used to the walk after a while or you will make friends with some other mums and find someone you can trust to bring your son home now and then to give you a rest once or twice a week.

Other than that - thinking of you and hoping you find a solution

Tracey xx

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your reply. Good to know i’m not alone in this though - was worried it was a relapse.

Unfortunatley I couldn’t find another solution apart from walking there and back, I’m sure i will train my body to deal with it over time. All the other mums must think i’m a drunk!

It’s worrying as when it happens i just feel very faint, like i could drop and not get back up again - which leaves me concerned about the boys safety. I am going to start driving lessons soon, so hopefully i’ll be a natural and this won’t be an issue anymore. I have to rush back as the yonger son goes to nursery near our house - so no time to rest! At least if i know this is just an MS thing i won’t panic everytime it happens.


L xx

I have weeks where I’m dizzy most of the time when standing, but then I go a while without any. I wasn’t sure if it was MS related, especially as I’m wary of putting every little thing down to it. I had iron levels checked as I get anaemic at times, but it wasn’t caused by that.

I find standing still while feeling dizzy makes it worse, how about you?x

I’m not sure to be honest! When i’m walking it feels more intense, but then that could be because i’m feeling vunerable out on the street. When i’m sitting and it happens i feel nauseous, bit like when you’ve had one too many drinks and the room spins whilst you feel like your falling - great fun! x

I find I’m better if I stop for a minute and let my head settle. I’ve just remembered that it happens in the shower too. If I move my head a bit too much all at once it will start off a dizzy spell so I have to remember to do things like washing my hair and reaching for the shower gel quite slowly and deliberately and not in a rush even if I have overslept.

I overslept one day last week and I couldn’t rush round because that makes things worse! I’m also more clumsy the more I try to rush so in all not a good combination lol.

Like Mrs Chicca says, sometimes it happens every day and then sometimes I don’t have it for a while. If I ever work out a pattern I’ll let you know.

Take care (and take more water with it!!)

Tracey xx