Symptom of MS? Relapse? Advice Needed Please


My hubby woke up this morning saying he felt dizzy (like he had been spun around constantly) so I sent him back too bed for a couple of hours and he has just woken up again and he still has it he is walking very funny too :confused: he said it could be something with his eyes, but he can see fine and nothing is blurry!

Just looking on advice please as rather worried about him

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi It sounds like vertigo…a fairly common symptom. Xx

Thanks, he said his eyes are now starting to blur and when he trys to focus on something it goes out of focus. Just feel bit useless esp as his walking has got so bad over the last few days, there is no point getting in to contact with the ms nurse as to be honest she is useless, she never been in touch and we have see her twice in the time since he has been diagnoised which was dec 2011, just feel like we get no help or advice

It does sound like it might be a new attack, but these things can be set off by infections and viruses so it would be a good idea to see his GP and get checked for a urinary tract infection (UTI) as well as anything else the GP thinks of. (UTIs can be asymptomatic, so get it checked even if your husband doesn’t think he’s got one!)

Do call the MS nurse on Monday anyway - get this episode “on the record” at least.

If it doesn’t improve soon and isn’t a psuedo-relapse brought on by an infection/virus, I would suggest speaking to the nurse or GP about getting some help with it: vertigo can respond to neurophysio and there are meds that can help. If your husband thinks it’s his eyes, then seeing an ophthalmologist may be helpful too, if only to rule this in/out.

In the meantime, lots of rest!

Karen x

Thank-you so much Karen, I keep telling him to sit down and take it easy, but he is a stubborn so and so sometimes lol :slight_smile:

Im thinking about maybe ringing his consultant tomorrow morning maybe too?

Yes, definitely. It needs to be recorded.

Thanks I will do that first thing tomorrow morning :slight_smile: I esp want to ring the consultant as I can see my hubby has decreased in abilitys esp his walking since we last saw the consultant, so hopefully they can advice us :slight_smile: Just wish I could help him more

If his mobility is worsening, I would ring social services. I did and it was one of the best things I have done. You ask for adult care. I made a self referral and within days I had an OT, physio, continence nurse, speech therapist for my swallowing and most importantly a community MS specialist nurse all visiting and helping. A few days after that, I had carpenters fitting new banisters, a bath lift delivered and fitted and shower rails fitted. They were all fantastic. Xx