Infections & antibiotics

Quick question folks, how long does it take for antibiotics to take effect usually? I was given a 7 day course (500mg 3xaday) for a chest infection, i am on day 6 and i am no better at all. Will they start to work when the course is finished, or should i go and ask for another course? I know this is not strictly MS related, although i picked up the infection after finishing steroids for a relapse, so in a roundabout way it is… Just thought somebody might know, save me another trip to the GP! Thanks x

I recently had a chest infection and was given a weeks worth of antibiotics - by the time the weeks course was up I still wasn’t feeling brilliant - phoned the gp and the gp told me to see how I was for a week and then see then if I was no better. Well big mistake listening to the gp - it developed into bronchitis and then needed strong antibiotics for 2 weeks! So if you still feel poorly and that the chest infection still feels present phone the gp and get more antibiotics - what the gp’s don’t realise is due to our immune systems it can sometimes take 2 weeks worth of antibiotics for it to work

Thanks Karina, i will get down to the GP tomorrow then…feel like i should move in as i’m there so often!

Hope your Bronchitis has cleared up now. Laura x

Yeah thankfully it’s cleared up. Hope you get better soon x

So went back to GP today who said infection is probably bronchitis now, so got broad spectrum antibiotics and an inhaler. Was offered more prednisolone, but think I have had as many steroids as I can stomach this year! perfect timing as usual, my holiday is going to be fun next week :frowning: