Morning everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas. Just wanting a bit of advice please. I started with a cold over two weeks ago, although the stuffiness has nearly cleared up my throat is raw again and my cough doesn’t seem to want to leave. How long would you leave it until you see your gp? Thanks Mini x

hi mini

if it is only a cold i take paracetamol x3 a day whether i need it or not (no temp etc) to nip it in the bud. however, theses things tend to run their course. so paracet and glycerin syrup and vic etc will ease symptoms (i use tea tree for most things but be careful) however if you think u may have chest infection then i would see the gp-good luck with that!

hope u feel better soon, ellie x

Thanks Ellie. I’m not sure if I have got a chest infection maybe I should just get checked anyway x