Infections after steroids?

Hello all,

Just a quick query. I’ve been on steroids for the first time following a relapse (MS hug, urghhh) and in the last 2 weeks had throat and ear infection. On round two of antibiotics but feeling absolutely dreadful, so my question is, how long does this go on for? Do antibiotics not work very well after steroids? I finished the steroids about 2 and a half weeks ago so I know it’s still early days, I’m just a very impatient patient and want to get back to work/life!

Many thanks,

Sarah x

I’m not an expert but my understanding is that steroids knock your immune system sidewides, making you more vulnerable to opportunistic infections (ones your immune system would normally fight off). I don’t think they make any difference to how antibiotics work on those opportunistic infections. Prepared to be told I’m wrong on this.

Thanks sewing chick, as I say I’m very impatient and the doc just said ‘it varies from person to person.’ I remember when I had glandular fever and my immune system was knocked I seemed to pick up lots of stuff, although I did fight it off better than now.

Anyone else have any ideas/experience of this?


p.s. I love sewing too! :wink: