Benefit of steroids after long attack

Hi All,

I’ve been having an attack for about 12 weeks now. I couldn’t go on steroids at the start as I had some infections, and I was getting slightly better around week 10 but now I seem to be getting worse again. I still have the steroids and wonder if taking them this late in the game will be of any use? I’m sure all the infections have cleared up several weeks ago. Has anyone else had any experience or advice on this? Are steroids only effective if taken near the beginning of a relpase?

Talking to my MS nurse has unfortunately not been much help and I can’t get into see my neurologist until end of November! Any thoughts most welcome.

J x


Speaking personally, I would. But I’m a great fan of steroids as they work for me. My thinking would be that if the relapse symptoms are caused by inflammation and the symptoms are still going on, the inflammation must still be there. So steroids might reduce it even now. That may be over simplistic but on the other hand, is there anything to lose?

Hope you feel better soon.

I agree with Val. I always faff about for ages wondering will I won’t I on steroids because my relapses tend to come in waves over several months and I always think this wave is the last but then it isn’t. In the end I say oh sod it and have IV steroids and always wish I had done it sooner. Better late than never, though. Alison x

On the other hand - are you sure you don’t have another infection as this would also explain the deterioration of your symptoms?


Thanks for advice and thoughts. Had a good long think about it and so sure all infections cleared up so took the leap and started the steroids. Here is hoping I get better soonish. Your comments about wishing you’d done it sooner really struck a chord and inspired me to buy a walking stick too. Feel like I have independence today and wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again. Ps my mom saw your replies to me and was really happy to see such kind supportive replies. Thanks for that too. It was nice for her to see that I had support out there x