Anyone else's symptoms...

…get far worse when on steroids?

I am going insane with the buzzing, burning and weakness this week. Really on the verge of tears most of the time and can hardly stand up. Can not keep awake for longer than about an hour and everyone else comments on the nightime cleaning they get done when on them lol!

I know steroids don’t help symptoms but it is usual?

I was on steroids before and swore I would never have them again till my MS nurse changed my mind. Last time I found out after taking them that I had actually had quite a bad UTI at the time so she put the bad reaction down to this. Now this time I got my urine checked before and was fine so tried again. This was last week only to get blood taken this Monday and they found high white blood cell counts ie. infection of some sort ARGHHH!!!

I just don’t know what to do. Feel so so rubbish and not sure what I am really asking in this post

Ok main question is…Do you symptoms get worse when on steroids?

2nd question…Is anyone always sick? I never feel like I have infection as such but always seem to have something!

Thanks for letting me ramble,

Lindsay, a very tired, pi**ed off, 29year old mother of 2 x

I have only taken Steriods twice…the first time I just slept for for a day and stopped taking them again. The second time (September/ october last year) I felt so awful I was sleepy, ( even worse that normal) agitated and they made me feel far worse than the relapse had done initally . I know I had no infection or anything when I took them either time, but I do seem to have bad reactions to just about everything I try taking…(amytripyline, Gabapeptin, any anti-depressents etc) all knock me out!
I will be politely declining any further steroids!
Hope you feel better soon, I know it’s hard work looking after kids when MS is around let alone when meds are playing up!


Isobel x